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About Us

Digital Reza is mentored from Digital Deepak( Deepak Kanakaraju), one of the best digital marketor and mentors of India. Digital Reza offers premium and quality work delivery and consultations for your Digital Marketing needs.

We Know What Works

Digital Marketing is not just about making beautiful posts and promoting it on social media. It is much more than that. Digital Marketing is “marketing first” and “digital second”. Marketing is about understanding the needs, expectations ,pain points of your customer and pitching the right product at right time. You can also call it as sending the right message to right person at right time. Marketing is much more than just merely selling.

Knowing your customer well will help you meet the needs and aspirations, thereby gaining lifetime customer.

It all starts with content. Having the right foundation will help you scale your business or career. Digital Marketing is not only about using the different channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, Google Ads. It’s about using all the channels in synchronization with your needs and objective. Many times you wont get results if you just use any above in solo mode. In order to get results integrate all channels and make your Digital Marketing Machines that produces Desirable Output. 

Know your Ideal Customer

Is everybody your customer???. NO. So you have to do some research if you want to get results. You should know who your ideal customer is. You can prepare a buyer persona before you start forming the strategies to promote your product or service.

What you can measure, You can manage

Digital Marketing offers advantage that you can track the traffic on your blog or website, views on your ads, impressions on your post, conversions from ads and much more. Google Search Console and Google Analytics make the measuring task easier.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

To make a building you must have a rough sketch and solid plan of what you are building. The same goes for Digital Marketing. Extensive discussions regarding your product/service, your target segment and market helps in crafting the right strategy for you. You plant a seed, nurture it and then comes the growth stage. You need not hurry but keep measuring!!!

Digital Reza believes in client success, attention to detail, passionate for driving growth strategies and a trust-able resource who accepts completion is a goal.

Fateh Ali

3x Startup founder | ⚡Kitcod (Antler SG9) | Product Builder

Scope of Services

Direction is more important than speed. Before you start have a free consultation with me for your product or service.

Digital Marketing Package

Everything you want to get started to start getting your product or service sold.

Content Creation & Marketing

Right content to hit your target backed with marketing to spread the word.

Search Engine Optimization

Right keyword, content and more to make your brand visible in search results.

Marketing Consultation

Detailed strategy to skyrocket your sales and increase your conversions. THINK BIG!!!

Social Media Advertising

Tap the power of social media and reach out to your audience.

Lead Generation

Best and proven methods for lead generation and customer retention.

Let's grow your business!!!

You are just a few right steps away from crafting the right  Digital Marketing strategy for your product or service. Get on a quick consultation call or shoot an email.

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