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As my first job was to generate leads for a Singapore based SaaS (Software as a service) company, I was very curious how to generate more and more leads. At that time I had just heard about the term Digital Marketing. I knew nothing deep about Lead Generation. I just visited websites on the internet found the email ids, contact numbers of prospects and put them in the database. Where there were contact forms available on prospect’s website, I filled them out. I also received positive reply for the same.

Later when I started learning more about digital marketing I came to know that Lead Generation is much more than just finding data of prospects online. I definitely wasn’t finding random data on the internet. I had identified the prospects and then I did the data collection.

Meanwhile I heard a famous name in Digital Marketing, Deepak Kanakaraju. I had access to his 100 Day Lead Generation Course where he delivered one lesson everyday via email. This lessons were definitely eye opener for me. What he mentioned in the lessons, I had some realization for that but I didn’t apply those concepts for Lead Generation.

I started learning Digital Marketing from him and I came across the lesson titled “Lead Generation & Email Marketing”, where he discussed in depth about Lead Generation. He made it clear that Lead Generation is a lucrative career. He mentioned that no business will say NO to new customers. He applied some concepts of Mathematics in the lesson for Lead Generation. I will mention some of the key points which I learned and I will add my experience to it to make it more interesting for you..

Let’s start the journey of understanding the basics of Lead Generation.

What is and isn’t a Lead?

Lead is an information that contains the name,mobile number,email id of your prospective customer.

Either you want that prospect to become your lead after you analyzed his profile from various or that prospect is inquiring about product or service which you are offering.

Are your social media followers/friends/connections your leads?

NO, they aren’t. You may ask why they aren’t?

Because they are the users of the social media platform and not your blog or website. Sounds correct, isn’t it?

Most of the time you might not be having contact information of all of them. And you also don’t know how many of them are interested in your product or service or how many are actually fit for your product or service.

Random contact details available online are also not leads. The word “random” is important. You would have searched for leads on the internet. But you would have gone through a mental discussion about “I will find leads from _____________ industry or niche”.

Who needs Lead Generation?

Low Priced Consumer Goods which are simple in nature don’t need Lead Generation..

That Pen and Notebook on your desk,
That Soap,
That Toothpaste,
That Cosmetic product,

Did anyone call or email you that “Hi, this product is very good and it is best for you”.

Well the answer is NO, but I wanted to let you go through that thinking.

Imagine you are generating leads for soap,chocolate,biscuits,perfumes.


Low Priced Consumer good which are simple in nature don’t need lead generation.

It is because the buying decision isn’t tough. There isn’t a long decision chain involved in it.

Such companies usually just advertise and build brand awareness.

Then comes the question.

Which products and services require Lead Generation?

Complex products where decision chain is longer need lead generation, isn’t it?

How many of you tried the trial version of a software and then paid for the full version?

Let’s assume I own a Digital Marketing Agency.

Can I get clients by putting big hoardings on the road junctions??


I need some system to attract people who are in need of my Digital Marketing Services.

Very high end products that are specially made for business giants also don’t need Lead Generation. Think Why???

As they are specially made for business giants the provider of product or service will directly reach out to the key decision makers of the company

Lets take example of buying journey in PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTY (ex. house or flat or bungalow)

Will you purchase it online and within 2 to 3 days??? No you wouldn’t.

Well the answer is NO, but I asked so that some questions come to your mind.

You will inquire for the amenities,water supply, security and environment before buying the HOUSE.

Because this is a complex product it takes time to come to final decision,isn’t it?

Do you agree that the seller of the REAL ESTATE PROPERTY needs to have lot of leads to sell his property???

There would be some conversion ratio. Let’s assume out of 100 prospects who come and visit the property 5 of them actually buy that property.

Can you think of some other products similarly?


Types of Leads

Hot leads means high quality leads and who are in immediate need of your product or service or they are desperate in buying or product or service.

In the first stage your task is to get in touch with hot leads and try to convert them.

Now you may ask how can I segregate the leads and classify them.

You need not do the entire task manually. Lead Generation Funnel will help you.

Understand Lead Generation Funnel as a filter that helps you identify the best leads that can be engaged with.

It will also help you increase your efficiency. You can do more conversions with less members in team.

Cold leads are at top of the funnel, warm leads at middle of the funnel and hot leads at the bottom of the funnel.

There are different strategies to keep them engaged and keep them moving towards the bottom of the funnel.

Lead Magnets & Why you need them?

Lead Magnet is the primary thing required for Lead Generation Funnel.

Without Lead Magnet you can’t generate a lot of leads in inbound manner.

Lead Magnet also helps you break the barrier of trust which your audience has in their minds.

Examples of Lead Magnet include E-books, Free Videos, Free E-mail Course, Free Webinar, Case Studies, Free Trial, etc

Let me give you an example which I went through.

I came to know about the free digital marketing course by Deepak Kanakaraju

I gave my name email ID before signing up for that free course.

Nobody likes to be spammed,isn’t it?

You will only give your email ID when you believe that the return you are getting is worth it in exchange of email ID.

You created your lead magnet. But you can’t just expect people to land at your lead magnet without you doing nothing.

Once you create your lead magnet,start driving traffic to your lead magnet.


Try to deliver value first. This will help in increasing the trust level of the audience.

Also don’t cheat your audience such that after they have developed trust you try to sell low quality and less valuable products.

Don’t try to manipulate or else you are going to kill your business by going in reverse direction.

Remember that satisfied customer can be your lifetime customer.

Do you agree that Trust is an important part of the sales process?

In offline world salesman builds trust with prospects and does the conversions but in online world where you can have thousands of lead, individual conversation isn’t practical.

Instead you can have automated email sequence that keeps nurturing and building trust with your audience.

You definitely need sales to sustain the funnel. Sales is the fuel for the funnel.

Sales will help you

1. Invest money in creation of Lead Magnets
2. Invest in Social Media Ads and Paid Traffic
3. Invest in Automation Tools for trust building

So to summarize you need Lead Generation Funnel when your product or service is



Lead Magnets are the first thing in Lead Generation Funnel.

Lead Magnets help you get your audience into your funnel and start developing trust in you.

Remember you need to break the barrier of trust which your audience has in their minds.

There are various types of Lead Magnets and the quality of the Lead Magnet should be such that the audience finds it worth in exchange of their contact information.

No one likes to be spammed,isn’t it?

Your Lead Magnet should be adding some value to your audience.

Well you will have to invest your time,energy and some money for creation of Lead Magnet but it will definitely pay you back with profits.

Have a look at following analogy given by Deepak Kanakaraju

Lead Magnets : Seeds
Leads: Fruits
Traffic Source: Water

Sources for traffic can be classified as
1. Free Search Traffic

2. Paid Search Traffic

CATT Framework to Generate Leads

I came to know about this framework from Deepak Kanakaraju

C is for Content
A is for Attention
T is for Trust
T is for Transaction

He calls this as the four pillars of online marketing.

Let’s discuss more.

I will walk through a scenario so you can understand things better.

Assume that I have a website and I created some content on my website related to some product or service.

You visited my website and went through that content.

Now in the very first interaction if I ask you for a sale.

It can be an email saying that “Hi, I have this product for you,it is very good for you, it will solve ________ problems for you”.

If I do this there are chances that you might run away from my website and email and you would never open my email or visit my website.

You might share this bad experience in your groups.

Why did this happen?

This happened because you didn’t know me, what I have to offer.

So why would you care about it?

First I need to

-Introduce myself
-Tell you what I stand for
-What is my experience and skill set
-Give you some credible reasons to trust me

So you might have got the idea that I need to grab your attention before I ask for a sales transaction.

The order is
-Grab the attention
-Inculcate trust
-Ask for transaction

Now comes the question that

How can I grab the attention of the audience?

There is one thing that will get you attention, trust and transaction.

That thing is CONTENT.

Content: The heart of all marketing campaigns & first step of the framework

Let’s get into more details about each component of the framework


We already discussed about the importance of content. Content is the heart of all marketing activities.

Content can be
-Blog post
-Social media post as like this one
-A small video
-All types of lead magnets

Create such content that audience finds it valuable and it answers their needs.


Now that you have created quality content it’s time to get the attention of your audience.

In other words it’s time to market your content.

If you get attention of your audience you can convert them to your leads.

You can use various traffic sources to drive attention to your lead magnet.


Now that you have the name and email id of your prospective customer, it’s time to inculcate trust in their mind.

Do you buy things from anyone randomly? NO

Either you trust the brand/salesperson/seller.

You can setup an automated email sequence so you can nurture and take the trust to higher level.

Trust grows like the compounding effect. It is not built overnight. It takes time.

Now the last component of framework is TRANSACTION.


This is the final stage where transaction happens.

People trust you doesn’t mean that they will immediately purchase from you

They should have strong desire and need for your product or service.

Your product or service should be the bridge between the current state and desired state of the prospective customer.

When you see that the prospect is ready to buy, pitch the offer in such a way that they can’t think of denying the offer.

This way, the lead becomes your customer after going through the different stages of the funnel.

That’s it for today.

Thank you if you made till the end of this article. I am sure it must have added some value to you.

Do you want me to help you with lead generation?

I am just a message away.

Email me at : [email protected]

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