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Learn the skill of Lead Generation and be successful

Lead Generation is definitely a good skill to master. It can be a good career option. If you help others make money, you also end up making more money. Once you start learning Lead Generation, you need up learning a lot more skills as you keep progressing. In this article, I have answered some basic questions on Lead Generation. Read the article and add some value to your learning.


What is Lead Generation?

You might be tempted to answer collecting name, email id using the search engine.

In simple words, Lead Generation is the process of gathering contact information about your prospective customer using various tools and techniques.

The contact information can be Name, Email-Id, and phone number sometimes.

There can be more information also in the lead form.

Now comes the question: Why do I need Lead Generation? What’s in it for me?

Let’s quickly go over a small myth and discuss it further.

Lead is a piece of information that contains the contact details of your prospective customer.

Either the customer reached out to you or you profiled the person as your prospect.

The number of social media followers and connections are not your leads. Why?

Because they are the users of the social media platform and not your blog or website.

Do you know how many of them are interested in your product or service?

You probably don’t have the contact details of all of them, isn’t it?

Contact details of random people over the internet also don’t qualify as your leads.

Here the word random is important.

You might have searched for contact details of people on the internet but before doing that you must have gone through the following mental discussion.

This is my product or service

My target customers belong to a particular niche or industry.

They qualify for my product or service.

So I will reach out to them.

You started with a systematic approach, isn’t it?

Why do I need Lead Generation?

Whether you are an agency owner or freelancer or doing a job at the agency, you must have realized that more quality leads mean more conversions. More conversions mean more revenue, isn’t it?

So if you help yourself or your employer generate more quality leads, you can get more money.

Will any business say NO to new customers? No one.

The idea is simple. Help them make more money and you also end up earning more.

But please note that Lead Generation is not an independent skill. It requires many skills in synchronization. Let me give you an example.

Lead Generation involves various tasks such as creating Lead Magnets (a form of valuable content) and getting in touch with key decision-makers via message or email, etc.

So you need good content writing skills, good written and verbal communication skills. But don’t get overwhelmed, just get started. Perfection comes in iterations. 

I want to tell you that if you learn lead generation in a holistic way you will end up learning many more valuable things along the way. This combination will help you grow in your niche. 

Who really needs Lead Generation? 

There are some simple low priced products that don’t need Lead Generation. 

They just have to do some branding and marketing activities. 

The pen and notebook on your desk, the soap you use daily, the toothpaste you used in the morning, chocolate, biscuits and cookies are simple products that don’t need lead generation. 

What are these called? Low-priced consumer goods, isn’t it? 

They don’t need lead generation. I hope you got this right. 

Now think of some complex high priced consumer product. 

Car and Home are examples of high-priced consumer products. 

You may say that these products definitely need lead generation. 

Now think of some other product which is not high in price but complex nature. 

The Ed-Tech Software’s need lead generation, isn’t it? 

IT agencies providing services to clients and businesses need to generate a lot of leads continuously, isn’t it? 

Let’s do some Math at this moment. 

You generated 100 leads and out of those 10 scheduled a call with you requesting more details. 

Out of these 10,  1 or 2 will turn out to be your paying customer.

So you need to generate a lot of leads continuously. 

That’s it for this article. 

Other important topics which you should learn are 

  • Lead Generation Funnels
  • Lead Magnets
  • CATT framework ( I learned from Deepak Kanakaraju)
  • Lead Nurturing  

Why should you learn Lead Generation?  


If you kick start your journey in learning Lead Generation you end up learning a lot of things.

Because to generate leads you need lead magnets. To create lead magnets you need quality content. Either you will create the content(I recommend you to do it) or you will outsource the content creation.

In order to keep constant contact with your leads you will have to do lead nurturing (just as you nurture a tree before it gives you fruits and shade).

Lead Nurturing involves sending valuable content to your leads over a period of time so that you break the trust barrier which your leads have.

If you have lot of leads and you want to nurture them via email, you will have to setup email automation, so things are easy for you and using the time saved you can generate more leads.

After you have nurtured your leads, ask for transaction at the right time. This requires persuasive writing or in other words you sell through your words. This skill is called copywriting and this has a good demand.

If you help other businesses make money, you end up making more money. You can go with a fixed plus hybrid model.

Fixed payout on leads generated and a commission on the leads that convert to happy customers. 

Let me know your feedback. Let me know in the comments. It will help me add more value to this article. 

Do you want to learn more? 

I had access to the 100 Day Lead Generation Course by Deepak Kanakaraju, where he sent one email every day for learning. 

Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the best names in India for Digital Marketing. 

He is the founder of LearnToday and also runs a performance marketing digital agency called PixelTrack. 

You can search for him on Google or visit his blog for more details. 

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Feel free to get in touch with me. I am happy to help you.

I am just an email away. 

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