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Do you want to have a foolproof career?

Do you want to know facts about marketing that you probably don’t know?

Are you curious that why marketing will never die out?

Are you one of those who think that why marketing is important?

Do you think branding has any effect on marketing?

Do you want to clear the confusion and get clear way ahead?

To know the answers keep reading, I am sure it will change the way you look at things

This article is for anyone who wants to get clarity in understanding marketing (more precise digital marketing in today’s world) and branding

This article will address marketing from a unique perspective and there are chances that will change your future view on the topic of marketing.

Kindly ponder on the 2 points below which might not sound new to you but they are fitted in the subconscious mind

  1. Teaching is the best way to concrete the learning
  2. Understanding stays longer than just remembering

Now continue your reading journey by understanding the relevant points with your own experience.

We will cover following topics in this article

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding : MassTrust Blueprint

There are also some other topics in the article which will make you feel motivated and I am sure that you might not have thought that way.

What is Marketing?

Before getting into the topic of Digital Marketing, we will visit the topic of marketing. Rightly said “Digital Marketing is Marketing first and Digital second”

What do you think about Marketing: Science or Art?

Well there are chances that you might end up answering as “Art” but that is not the case.

Marketing is based on science and I am sure that your mind has come up with an argument for this answer but keep reading further to understand the explanation

Many of us are in the view that marketing starts after the creation of the product. You might think that a product is made first and then all marketing discussions are held to promote that product.

But let me tell you that MARKETING STARTS BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE PRODUCT ITSELF. Yes you heard it right that marketing starts before creating the product. Marketing starts with understanding the needs of the customer so well that it perfectly fits the market.

Uber understood the pain of calling a manual cab, Zomato understood the need of ordering and bringing food parcels home.

Well you might not always need such a great idea in order to succeed in your career. Just understand the needs of the customer nicely. Well begun is half done.

Good product or service will definitely sell itself wonderfully.

After you have understood the needs of the customer now comes the time to communicate about that product or service. Let me put this way


Now you might be thinking what is RIGHT?

Well, keep reading further to get more idea………..

Marketing is much more than selling,it is about meeting the needs and aspirations of the customer thereby keeping him happy with a good quality product and after sales service so he/she can be a lifetime customer. There are higher chances that he/she will communicate this good experience with others and that word of mouth marketing channel is very effective.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

For a low end B2B product or a generic product ads in TV,Newspaper,Radio will give a good reach. But the issue here is that we don’t know how many people actually went through our ads.

We can’t relate sales performance with advertising efforts.

There is a term called DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING

It simply means that you design your ads or communicate with end users in such a way that the prospective customers are compelled to take action. End user gives some response to us, that’s the idea behind Direct Response Marketing.

This action can be calling you after seeing ad in newspaper.

It can also be filing a form after you visited some website/landing page.

It can also be a link to purchase a product.

So here we have tracking. We know that through which channel our prospective customer got in touch with us.

Following are the limitations of Traditional Marketing:

  • No personalized communication
  • Inability to do DEEP MARKETING
  • Natural Sales not possible
  • Re-targeting not possible

Now that we went through basics of marketing and differences between traditional and digital marketing lets go through an important funnel of Digital Marketing.

Before going through this funnel let me ask you some questions.

Will you purchase a house online without actually visiting the place?

What are your chances of buying a car by just swiping the card online?

Well you may wonder why am I asking you these questions. I want to walk you through important human behavior.

You will visit the house 2 or 3 or more times before actually buying it or purchasing on rent. You will inquire about the locality, amenities related to the house.

You are likely to take a test drive of the car, inquire about the features before actually buying the car.

We humans are greedy. Before spending we see what has the product to benefit us. The benefit can also be a non tangible thing.

In the digital world you need to create similar experiences for your audience before putting your product for sale or pitching to potential customers.

You need to create content that addresses the needs of the customers and it answers the questions that they are having in their mind. This lands us to first part of the funnel

The funnel is called CATT funnel.


Wealth creation formula = n ^ CATT, n represents the niche

C : Content

A: Attention

T: Trust

T: Transaction

Niche is to be decided based on your talents,market demands and passion

The first part is the content that drives the attention of your prospective customer. The content can be anything such as blog posts,videos,live webinars,ebooks,etc

The second part is the attention. You need to drive the attention of the audience to your content using search engines and social media.

The third part is the trust. After the audience is consuming your content, it is time to gain their trust in you.

Let me tell you that I need your trust in order that I can take money from your wallet and put it to work for your benefit. You need to trust me that I will provide you more value than what I am taking from your wallet.

It is equally important that using the trust I am not manipulating you. Otherwise I am making my road to disaster, though it may be beneficial in short term

The fourth part is the transaction. After you have developed trust with your audience it’s time to ask for a sale

You may feel that you may have already traveled through this funnel many times.

So now is the time to reveal the curious thing which I promised at the beginning of this article.

So do you have a plan of making Rs 1 crore revenue. Did you ever think of making this much money?

It is said that if you believe that you can achieve some goal, your mind starts creating patterns that help you reach there

Let me make things simple for you

The CEO of Amazon says : “ Step by step, ferociously”.

Moving ahead towards the end of the article let’s throw some light on channels of Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

You mostly have heard of the different channels of Digital Marketing but maybe you haven’t heard the importance of integrating all channels.

Can you live without a heart? I know the answer is NO.

Why did I ask this question? We all know that if our heart stops beating then we are no more.

We also know that the heart pumps blood to different organs of our body to keep them functioning properly. Such a wonderful creation of The God isn’t it?

From the above picture of Integrated Digital Marketing, Content Marketing is at the center.

Other channels are used in conjunction with it.

Did you hear anyone saying that I tried Facebook and Google Ads but it didn’t work?

Did anyone tell you that they tried Instagram Advertising but failed?

In order to get good results we need to integrate all the above channels like a machine.

As people are spending more time on social media it is a good idea to market out there but with some strategies so that audience isn’t ignoring your ads or else it leaves a negative impression.

Email marketing is also one of the best performing channels today

Some people try to get results separately but it doesn’t work that way.

Deepak Kanakaraju, one of the best digital marketer and mentor mentions the following in relation with Integrated Digital Marketing

Create free content on various platforms. Drive attention of the audience to that content using social media and other paid advertising campaigns. From there start building connections with the audience and thereby gaining their trust.

Now we are towards the end of the article. We will end the article by small discussion on Personal Branding, why it is required and how you can create one.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Today it is important to create an awareness in the masses about our product or services in order to engage them further with our brand.

People should know our skills and talent. They should know that we are capable of delivering best product or services.

What do you think on the following quote?

The best known will always beat the best”

Today audience wants to hear from people and not just brands. You might also have felt this at some point in your life. Read one more blog by clicking here.

Personal Brand can give rise to many other brands from his/her influence. Ex Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos and many more.

Now you might have a question: How to create a personal brand? How does evolution of a personal brand happen? Read further to get more clarity on the same.

The journey starts with Learning. Lets see the steps in evolution of personal brand.

1. Learn

Start with learning new concepts and skills through base concepts and facts

2. Work

Put new skills to work and go from practice to implementation.Implementing will strengthen the learning.

3. Blog

Write about your recent experiences in learning new skill and how you put that skill to work. Writing slows down the thought process and gives more clarity. Though little but keep documenting your journey.

4. Consult

Now that you are semi polished its time to polish the diamond.Start consulting other people in same business or niche instead of working for them.

5. Mentor

Mentor others who aspire to have same skills as like you in your niche.Mentoring will uplift your level of understanding and you will experience more sense of clarity.

6. Startup

Start your own product or service business with the understanding and experience that you have about the market, the problem and the skills

Finally you are almost done reading the article. I am just jotting down the important takeaways from the entire article as

  • Marketing is a skill that has longer shelf life as it is rooted in human psychology.
  • In the coming time Digital Marketing is to grown on a large scale and more and more personalization will happen in order to reach the audience in more better way.
  • Good quality content is the heart of any marketing strategy that plans to reach the audience and leave a good impression.
  • For best performance all the channels of digital marketing must be synced together.
  • One can’t neglect the power of personal brand.

What are your thoughts on the above article? I would like to know if you learned anything new or the change in your mindset after reading the article. Let me know in the comments


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